¿Eres empresario social?



    Africa Digna Foundation is convinced that investing in social entrepreneurs is one of

    the main pillars to reach progress and social well-being. In this regard, the Africa Digna

    Entrepreneurs Initiative has a fund to supports established business and established startups

    with a high social impact

    Call for applicants are opened from December 1st of 2020 to March 31th of 2021

    Terms & Conditions

    Africa Digna Entrepreneurs Iniatiative is looking to invest a maximum of €5,000(euros) comprising a loan, with a repayment period of five years with an interest of 4%.

    Payment schedule will be carried out jointly with the entrepreneurs in order to support their business and to make manageable the repayment.



     Eligibility & Requirement

    The Africa Digna Entrepreneurs Iniatiative Fund is open for organizations registered in Kenya or Rwanda with revenues of €4,000(euros) per year or less.

    The business must have a direct link with any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of  the United Nations.

    The organizations can demonstrate that have a clear business model that will be sustainable, understandable, simple and achievable.

    You should demonstrate experience and social public engagement.

    You must have finacial records for the past financial year such as invoices an bank statements.

    You must be a Kenyan or Rwandan citizen and resident in Kenya or Rwanda.




    The following are the general timelines of the application process from start to finish.

    Open for applications

    1st December 2020 – 31th March 2021. 


    First Review

    1st April – 30st of June 2021

    Shortlist of eligible applicants is reviewed by the board of Africa Digna Entrepreneurs Initiative, evaluating business applicability, problem & solution, beneficiaries. 



    1st July- 30th September 2021

    Successful applicants are notified to prepare a face to face meeting with a memeber of Africa Digna Entrepreneurs Initiative.


    At this point, commitment letters are sent out to all successful interviewed. 


    Announcement of the awarded

    Contracts are signed, after which the first disbursements of the investments can proceed.