Long and dangerous road to school

Maitai is lucky to be able to walk to school together with his younger sister but when he wakes up every morning he is afraid thinking of the horror that awaits him. He has to walk 5 kilometres, starting before sunrise and crossing the Masai Mara reserve that is full of wild animals. Maitai is a 10 year old Masai boy, the fifth of 8 brothers who all live with their family in a small clay hut in a small village. His father owns some cows and his older brother looks after them while his mother fetches wood and water.

Some days he does not come back home, he prefers to stay at school, sleeping on the dusty floor of his classroom. Every time we came to visit the school the parents and the teachers asked us to build some dormitories.

Africa Digna has already built three dormitories in three different schools. Every dormitory has one wing for boys, one for girls, showers and toilets as well as a kitchen and a dining room.

When we see Maitai, his lovely smile lights up his face and we laugh with him.