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HIV/AIDS continues being the main deadly infection worldwide. In 2011 the number of people with HIV was 34 million, about 10% of them children under the age of 15. About 70% live in sub-Saharan Africa.

The hospital of  Maragua, the districts referral medical centre, is situated in the central province of Kenya,  Muranga’s South, where more than  30% of the population is living below the poverty level.


Avoid AIDS in children and paediatric infections in hospitals

list_africaWe supported the program of formula feeding for children whose mothers HIV-positive.
list_africaWe improved the morbility with a dramatic decrease of contagion thanks to te construction of the paediatric ward.
97% of the children of HIV positive mothers are healthy
Reduction of the paediatric in-hospital infections. More than 1.800 children in critical condition have gotten medical treatment


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