2 classrooms at the Lowa School

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The Lowa communities live in a semi-arid area in Northern Kenya. They belong to the Samburu tribe, a nomad tribe whose economy is based on cattle-raising. They consider agriculture a profane activity and thus their habitat has remained undamaged through the years. They live in manyattas, huts made of clay and branches, in small communities scattered throughout the mountains. The women take care of the household chores, looking after the children, cleaning, cooking and fetching water. The men look after the cattle.


Improve the infrastructure of the Lowa school


[sc:punt text=»Construction of two classrooms for 60 children, the primary school pupils coming to study during the day and the child shepherds in the evening; we also added a kitchen» ] [sc:Destacado text=»210 children attend school per year» ]



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