Bank of trust (micro-credits)

Kibera is the biggest marginal district of Africa and one of the biggest in the world. Kibera has a total population of about one million inhabitants; most of them are extremely poor earning less than 1$ per day. The unemployment rates are very high, assaults and rapes are frequent.

There are few schools and most of the people have no means to provide education for their children. Many of the inhabitants of Kibera have no stable and honest income and therefore they are unable to lead a dignified life. The distribution of responsibilities, skills of communication, management talent and self-confidence help to obtain the necessary resources for a dignified life.


Promote development through employee program and education in order to achieve self-sufficiency

[sc:punt text=»El project gives a credit to the beneficiaries and celebrates monthly meetings to evaluate the work and the benefits of the beneficiaries» ] [sc:Destacado text= «We create more than 130 sources of employment per year, empowering and fostering a stable micro-economy» ]


Africa Digna funds


Social entrepreneur

Fader Jairo