Medical Centre in Nairobi

In Nairobi there are 12 slums and, although we cannot be sure of the number of inhabitants that live there, in some of them, for instance in Kibera, more than 1.5 million people are barely surviving


Offer medical services to people with scarce resources

[sc:punt text=»What we started as a dispensary has become the Rehema  Medical Centre and has moved to the outskirts of  the Mukuru slum. It works with a team of 8 persons who are able to carry out medical and ultrasound explorations, clinical analysis, treat kidney stones and other diseases, help with family planning, optometry and dentistry» ]
  • Medical explorations.
  • Ultrasound scanning and shortly X-rays for detection and monitoring of pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases. Detection and monitoring of bone fractures.
  • Clinical analysis.
  • Detection of kidney and vesicular stones.
  • Family planning services, optometry and dentistry.
[sc:Destacado text=»More than 8.000 people who  live on less than 1$ per day  have now access to an adequate healthcare» ]


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