Dormitories for girls in Natemeri

Niñas natemeri

The West Pokot district is situated in the Rift Valley in Kenya, the capital being Kapenguria. It has a population of about 300.000 in an area of 9064 km2. The inhabitants are called pokots and they are semi-nomads, raising cows, goats, sheep and camels; their food is based mainly on milk, tea and some flour. Approximately 25% of the pokots are farmers, depending on the weather conditions of the area.

There was a dormitory for the boys but not for the girls who had to sleep on the floor. With this project we provided a dormitory for the girls.



Cover a basic need, the need to be able to sleep in minimum conditions of healthiness and promote gender equality


[sc:punt text=»We built several dormitories for girls» ] [sc:Destacado text=»100% of the girls have stopped sleeping on the floor» ]




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