Drinking water in Ngare Ndare

The 5.554 hectare Ngare Ndare forest is situated in the northern part of Kenya. This wonderful place is the home of a lot of wild animals that move around freely. At the heart of this forest the source of one of the main rivers that feed the North of Kenya can be found. Six communities, mainly ranchers, live there in perfect harmony: Mbuji, Ngare Ndare, Kisima, Subsiga, Ethi and Manyangalo


Facilitate access to drinking water and increase the awareness of the importance of hygiene and the conservation of the environment among the communities


[sc:punt text=»We carried out a hydraulic project in Ngare Ndare to give the beneficiaries access to drinking water, showers and latrines as well as troughs for the cattle» ] [sc:punt text=»We built a bridge in Mayangalo so that the children can get to school without problems, even in the rainy season » ]
[sc:Destacado text=»3.000 people have accesso to clean water» ] [sc:Destacado text=»550 children are able to come to school » ]
[sc:Destacado text=»8.320 heads of cattle have access to water troughs» ]




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