Education in the Kenyan coast area


The primary schools of Mwele and Barsaloi, a few kilometres away from Malindi (Kenyan coast) were in a very bad state when we visited for the first time, now 5 years ago. The children studied in huts made of clay. After the reconstruction the colleges have jumped up to the first and second place in the area’s ranking and the best teachers want to work there.


Foster education in order to offer more job possibilities for the youngsters


[sc:punt text=»We reconstructed the public primary school of Bonyani that at present is the number 1 in the ranking of the area» ] [sc:punt text=»We reconstructed the public primary school of Mwele, where 900 children study per year» ]
[sc:Destacado text=»500 children per year are attending the school» ] [sc:Destacado text=»900 children per year attend the school» ]




Social entrepreneur

Mary Jo Van Aardt

[sc:Comentario text=»“Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world” » ]