Greenhouses in Samburu land

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The whole Lulu community, belonging to a Samburu tribe, will profit since one way or another they will receive the benefits, the training and the fruits that will be produced in the greenhouses.  The Samburu are a nomad tribe, their economy based on raising cattle. They consider agriculture a profane activity and thus their habitat has remained intact throughout the years. They live in manyatas, huts made of clay and branches in small communities. The women carry out the household chores, looking after the children, clean the manyatas, cook and fetch water. The men spend the days looking after the cattle. They are polygamous families, the man having more than one woman depending on the purchasing power that is determined by the number of cows, goats and sheep.


Promote development through agricultural programs and education to reach self-sufficiency

[sc:punt text=»We have built 3 greenhouses and provided high quality seed» ] [sc:Destacado text= «The Lulu community is learning the benefits of agriculture that gives them a regular source of nutrition» ]


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