The Lowa, Lulu, Opiroi, Nairimirimo and Lodokume communities (Samburu communities) live in a semi-arid area in Northern Kenya; their economy is based on cattle-raising. The Samburu families use to pick out he most intelligent boy or girl from among their members entrusting them with the task of tending to the cattle (cows, goats, sheep and camels). Since these child shepherds work all day they have no opportunity to go to school and they feed exclusively on milk and tea. Therefore they cannot write and read (in our culture they would be called “illiterates”) with a high risk of being socially excluded and with a considerable level of malnutrition.


Provide access to education for the Samburu children


[sc:punt text=»We developed an evening program for the child shepherds at Lchekuti where we offer a basic education and a balanced nutrition» ] [sc:Destacado text=»More than 90 children per year receive education and nutrition» ]



Social entrepreneur

The missionaries of the Samburu land