Sanitary plan in Barsaloi

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The Samburu is a nomadic tribe; their economy is based upon cattle-raising. They consider agriculture a profane activity and thus their habitat has remained intact for a long time. They live in manyatas, huts made of clay and branches, in small communities scattered throughout the mountains. This isolated area is more than two hours away by car from the next hospital in Maralal which is reached driving on winding unpaved dirt tracks. A complication with a birth or a wound caused by an elephant could mean death due to the lack of sanitary resources


Reduce the death rate, improve access to healthcare and implement sanitary training


[sc:punt text=»We have bought an ambulance, reshaped the dispensary, provided an ultrasound equipment and we have given courses in ultrasound diagnosis» ] [sc:Destacado text=»+ than 13.000 people have access to a dignified, up-to-date and quality healthcare» ]


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Sister Isleni and Sister Elisa