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                                         Action against COVID-19

    Prevention is essential. Africa Digna has strengthened our health and awarenessprograms in Kenya to reach more people.

    Some of the collateral effects of the lockdown are, for example, the precarious economic situation of the majority of the population that lives daily,  a situation aggravated by the food crisis due to the increase in the prices of basic products and the closure of the markets.

    The closing of schools is also having a devastating effect, many children were receiving the most important meal of the day. Due to its closure, child malnutrition has increased and many children are left without receiving a basic diet. For this reason, together with other organizations, we have launched a campaign to ensure food for 300 people in northern Kenya.

    We have approved an emergency fund of KES 2,300,000 (€20,000) to respond immediately to the most urgent needs.

    We continue with all our initiatives,  we must be able to respond to the current situation, as we continue moving forward so that all the work carried out continues  giving results.




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    Since 2004 we fight to develop sustainable educational and health projects in Africa.

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    We focus on educational and health projects that promote a dignified life for the African people.

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