Scholarship Program

Africa Digna is convinced that investing in education is one of the main pillars to reach progress and social well-being. In this regard, the scholarship program proposes to contribute to the training of professionals so that the society as a whole benefits. The objective of the program consists of promoting higher education for Kenyan people who have stood out academically, as well as because of their involvement in their communities.

Financial award of the scholarship:

The scholarship covers the enrollment at the University where the scholarship holder has been admitted, with no limit as to the amount.

Requirements for applicants:

  • The applicants must have Kenyan nationality.
  • The candidates must give evidence of a degree or of having met the requirements to access university level education.

Recruitment and selection processes:

a) Pre-selection assessment: Each one of the eligible applications is sent to the local assessment committee in Kenya.
b) Final selection: The face-to-face assessment.
c) Final ratification: Africa Digna will examine the proposals by the committee and ratify their selection in writing by email.

Obligations of the scholarship holder:

  • The scholarship holder commits to completing the planned studies in accordance with the application submitted.
  • At the end of each study period, with a semester minimum, the results of the studies carried out must be sent Africa Digna, certified by the corresponding university.
  • For the annual renewal of the scholarship it is obligatory to present an official academic report provided by the university with an average of C+.


  • Convene meetings to establish the academic and socioeconomic criteria to consider in the objective, transparent selection of the beneficiaries
  • Validate the status of the scholarship holders together with the members of the Scholarships Committee
  • Mentorship of the students

Our Committee

General Terms and Conditions:

Application form:

«Please, fill it out in English language»

Scholarship Awarded:

Maureen Kanyi

Maureen Kanyi
School of Law of The University of Nairobi


Ezequiel Oulu
School of Law of The University of Nairobi


Jacob Lesaan
Catholic Technical Training Center

Maureen Kanyi

Emanuel Letitiya
Wamba Nursiring School


Yvonne Calisto
Co-operative University College of Kenya


Mary Ayasi
Certified Public Account Strathmore University

Maureen Kanyi

Newton Ochieng
Certified Public Account Strathmore University


Samuel Nzomo
Certified Public Account Strathmore University


Pamela Leparsalya
Early Childhood Education


Patrick Lereete
Kirisa High School


Joseph Lenkidi
UASO High Scool Secondary


Priscila Nachankai
Premese Africa Development Institute