Strategic plan

The África Digna Foundation was founded at the end of 2004, its mission being the improvement of the living conditions of people with scarce resources in Sub-Saharan Africa.

When we started this adventure we acted in several countries, thinking we were able to cover everything. But unfortunately we found out that that was impossible; so now we focus on Kenya and Rwanda.

In these ten years we learnt that dignity is achieved by working side by side with people that share our vision and that live in these countries or were born there.

We think that dialogue is very important and so we travel several times each year to Africa in order to find natural leaders. They are the ones who feel that they must help their families and communities, and they are the leaders and entrepreneurs África Digna works with.

In our projects a certain percentage of the total cost comes from the beneficiaries since we think that this makes them feel that the projects really are theirs.

Therefore the Board approved the new strategic plan 2019-2023.


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