Hydraulic project in Lodungokwe

In Lodungokwe there is a water problem. There is no drinking water, the little water they get, pumped from a well some five kilometres away, is salty and is undrinkable and it even cannot be used to water the plants. Every day the women dig in the sand in search of water. The children at school also have to interrupt their activities to search for the water needed for cooking, drinking, washing  their clothes, clean the school …etc. A person may spend up to four hours walking to fetch water every day.  During the rainy seasons, the water that falls onto the zinc roofs can be gathered if there are good tanks and good channels.


Provide infrastructure for channelling drinking water


[sc:punt text=»We have adapted the school roof at Lodungokwe to gather the water in the rainy season» ] [sc:Destacado text=»More than 9.000 people have access to drinking water» ]


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